How churches can prepare to help people in a disaster

People run to the closest church in times of trouble.
The wise church prepares for them however they can.
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You will help your community the same way you did before the emergency, but more people will need that help afterward.
Your church must have a disaster plan of some type; It's the difference between service providers and victims.

Preparations that even churches without buildings can make

Simple preparations

Simple disaster supplies

Keep a box of essential supplies for just in case. They are helpful for normal operations, too. And you can never tell if or why some church members will be unable to go into their home for a few days.
The most important decision is where to store it. You want it to be available in times of need, but not so available it is found to be empty.

Some more expensive preparations (not appropriate for some churches)

What churches should know

Links for church emergency readiness

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