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A zip kit is a little kit that ensures you can see, breathe, and walk long enough to get where you need to go in an emergency. It ensures you can communicate once you get there.

The kit must be as small, light, and cheap as possible. It should not have anything that can leak or go bad. Do not put in anything made from soft rubber (like a rubber band); It may eat a hole in the goggles or zip-lock.

The key to zip kits is always having one with you. Each car gets a family zip kit with enough stuff for everyone. Whoever goes places without a car should have a personal zip kit in their backpack, locker, bike-bag, or whatever.

Zip kits get used as a source of bandaids, shoelaces, and pencils most often. But the other stuff in it is priceless when you really need it.

Sometimes space or cost is an issue, so stow a mini zip kit. Leave out the dimes, walking shoes & goggles. It will not have everything you need, but something is better than nothing.

Zip kits fit in goggle cases, lunch boxes, tool boxes, and food storage containers. Use anything durable that wont pop open. Mini zip kits fit into a sandwich zip-lock.

Mini zip kits

Add these for full sized zip kits

Contamination warning: Use both the mask and goggles to protect from dust, smoke, germs, chemicals, and radiation. Shower ASAP.

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