Disaster Readiness

Family Disaster Readiness without spending a lot of time & money

Being ready for "the big one" makes life's little disasters go a lot smoother, too.
This site covers the subject in intimidating detail. You don't have to do it all, just do what works for you.

Painting of "The Highway to Hell" by artist Angie Young - http://www.TheFathersArt.com

Readiness is everything in a disaster, be it large or small. Loss and suffering happens before help does.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. - Ben Franklin

If you can only do one thing to get ready, keep slip-on shoes by the beds. Night disasters are usually followed by running on broken glass with bare feet.

A short story
In a recent survey, 3/4 of americans admitted to not being prepared for emergency.
It improved to 2/3 unprepared after covid-19 showed this to be a problem.
Many who did prepare did so ineffectively;
hoarding toilet paper and frozen food did not protect them against the virus.
Those who had masks & sanitizer in a box in case of need were prepared for covid-19,
and also for smoke, dust, earthquakes, and many other emergencies.
The moral of this story is to prepare wisely, and in an appropriate way.
Also, don't spend money and storage space on expensive things that will go bad before you need them.

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We are also assisted by the best researchers on the planet: grade-schoolers all over America.
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Map shows which disasters are expected in parts of the United States
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Simple, basic preparation
Easy to understand

Disaster Readiness & Preparations
Simple and inexpensive things you can do to be ready and make everyday life easier

won't co-operate?
Simple and inexpensive things you can do to be ready when some of your family interferes, gets into the stuff, or just won't cooperate

Disaster Readiness for Kids
Simple and inexpensive things you can do to be ready if you are aged 6 through 17 or live with your parents

Preparing others who won't prepare themselves
What if you have parents or children living on their own who won't plan for trouble? What if they have limitations?

Personal Disaster Readiness at work
You spend a third of your time at work.
What if disaster strikes when you are there?

Personal Disaster Readiness and your Car
What if your car breaks down?
What if disaster strikes while you are in your car?

Household Emergency Kits
Your box of stuff in case of house damage, infrastructure failure, or disaster.
Mine cost $50 to put together.

Zip Kits
This is a tiny package you have with you.
It is just enough to get you where you need to go.

What if I have to evacuate?
What do you bring?
How do you get out before everyone else clogs the highway?

72 hour kits and bug-out-bags
This is a bag you keep in your trunk so you are good for 3 days.

What to do during and afterward
Things to do as the emergency develops

Cleanup after it's over
So how do you salvage your stuff or prevent ruin?

Disaster Readiness Supplies
A handy list of suppliers

Disaster Readiness Links
Follow these links for more information

Miscellaneous Information

Handy little tidbits. Feel free to contribute more.

Spiritual Disaster Readiness
Making plans and having emergency supplies is part of being ready.
How can you be ready spiritually?

Church Readiness
How churches can prepare to help people in a disaster

Fire's comin'
A fire is heading for your house. What do you do?

House Fire Prevention Checklist
Don't let your house burn down

NBCS kits
This cheap kit fits in a bucket and prepares you for the four words you never want to hear: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, and Skunk

You can help after a disaster

Things to send
Your loved ones were in a disaster.
You can send things with next day delivery

Stocking up
Sometimes you know trouble is coming.
Here are suggestions for stocking up

Must-have apps for phones
Let your phone help you be ready

What to expect and how to prepare

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